RNG Gaming Streams?


06 – American Truck Sim
13 – Doom
09 – Dust
01 – Farming Sim
08 – Painkiller
05 – Shadow Warrior
04 – Star Wars: Force Unleahsed
03 – Subnautica
02 – Strike Suit Zero
07 – Warframe
10 – Jotun
11 – FFXIV
12 – FFVII


15 – Destiny 2

14 – Torchlight




More news?

Yes, more news announcing another game, but this one will likely be done long before the others get started. This will be a traditional (maybe) RPG with an atypical story. No title yet, but there will be more news to come.

There will also be more news to come on the untitled other projects as soon as there is any.

The Shop!

The Shop is active and I’m announcing that we’re (That’s also an announcement, there’s more than just me now.) working on not just one, but two games set in a shared multiverse.

One will be a Visual Novel with Steampunk themes, the other will be a narrative horror project with a slight twist or two.

Expect at least one playable alpha by fall.


As of last Monday, I have a new PC, it’s custom built motherfucker of a beast.

I will be streaming gaming related videos @ https://www.twitch.tv/nakts7 Starting Monday the 15th, possibly earlier. Test Streams will be running now and again, but my recording device has had an unfortunate bit of damage due to a design flaw and is likely on it’s way out. See https://twitter.com/Mayhemforyou for any sudden stream notices.

In case you’ve missed previous journals, I’ve joined up with a few friends and we’ve grouped up as Nutwings Gaming on youtube @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRqyE9VxWA1Tm2HeuCvgRWg

And the content will flow, Doom 3( Just me ) is ongoing, Borderland ( Most of us ) is also ongoing, The Ship ( All of us. ) is also a thing. Overwatch, 7 Days to Die: Highlights, Ark: The Center, and DooM ( 2016 ) are coming.

Comic news: M:TC will be returning, there’s no set date for this yet. One Shots: a randomly uploaded series of short comics is coming. And I’ve had a chat with Bunny about a comic with a clear start and end with a fantasy setting that may be coming sometime.

Also in youtube news: I will be starting a podcast shortly, it will be weekly, I’ll be running my mouth about gaming, gaming news, movies, and what I/we are currently working on, this will be mostly Mayhem: The website or One Shots, or The Shop news.

The Shop: I worked in game development for a long time before I dipped into comics, then DJing, etc. So with all the neat new game engines to play with, I figure, I may as well test the waters again and see what I can come up with.