365 – Notes

Part one of a four or so part story, woo! I missed doing multi part stories. Anyway I am going somewhere with this and I love how Bunny has made Monty look.



So yeah, I blame Runescape and not sleep for the lateness this week, comic will be up no later than tomorrow. Also, maybe streaming some shit on the Twitch, keep your eyes on the Twitter feed or here for that. Nap now.


Why we’re here and news.

Due to changes to Blogger site’s terms of service, Mayhemforyou.com will be redirecting to a new site soon, https://mayhemthecomic.wordpress.com/ There’s already some content up and with luck this will be a temporary move, with another to full hosting once again in the near future. As you may know, I have a history with issues regarding censorship of adult content, regardless of if the comic and editorial content here counts as “adult” content, I’m simply not a fan.

An aside to this, I’d like to do another audio recording soon-ish, I’d actually like to get one done once a week if at all possible to go with the comic and other things, I have a long list of projects I’d like to get into and have done, but I’ll talk more on these things soon.