Mayhem Bunny Desk Panel 1 color


Other one wont fit. O.o

We need actual hosting. :\


365 – Notes

Part one of a four or so part story, woo! I missed doing multi part stories. Anyway I am going somewhere with this and I love how Bunny has made Monty look.

362 Notes

I worded all over this one, one of the fun things about having an actual artist on the project is visual gags galore, but I still need to brain out my words.

This one is really about, and poking fun at, those people who paywall off all their content on a Patreon account like it’s their own, personal paysite. No content here will ever be walled off like that, although I’m not making any promises about early access to extra content like concepts, Amber’s bonus doodles, or whatever else, but I will say that once the Patreon is up and running, any content there will only be early access, all content will be released on the main site and/or supplemental sites.

Last note: I am going to be running my mouth again sometime this week, hopefully I’ll have company this time and it will be uploaded to the tubes of you when it’s done, look for that by this weekend.