Newest RNG Stream List

  • 01 – Farming Sim
  • 02 – Torchlight
  • 03 – Subnautica
  • 04 – Star Wars: Force Unleashed
  • 05 – A Hat in Time
  • 06 – American Truck Sim
  • 07 – Warframe
  • 08 – Painkiller
  • 09 – Dust
  • 10 – Jotun
  • 11 – Farcry 3: Blood Dragon
  • 12 – FFVII
  • 13 – Doom
  • 14 – Destiny 2
  • 15 – Space Marine

And since I’m now just rolling a D20, 20 is my choice. Feel free to suggest games for this list and if I have access to them/no plans to play them in LP format, I’ll add them.

Official Update

C@ is now online. We’ve had power back since last Monday, but I’ve been busy doing house stuff, like cleaning and utilizing our, now resumed, trash pickup as well. Also, Bunny is once again, alive and well.

M:TC will resume next week. The Legendary Behemoth will resume streaming/uploads next week. There will also be some live action videos and comedy bits going up as well, I may also be setting up TLB as it’s own splinter site, at least until we can get some solid hosting and make a decent branching site.

In other, other news, The Shop: Gaming is going to be a thing, soon as we get working on the games we’re attempting to make. The RPG, that is still unnamed, is a thing. I’m looking at using Unreal for it, for, reasons. That’s all for now.

I did try to set up social Media for The Legendary Behemoth and The Shop, but twitter decided to be an anus lock the account, I’ve e-mailed the CS people and will try to get this sorted.

Until that’s worked out follow us on Facebook:

M:TC –


The Shop –

I have no idea why The Legendary Behemoth is the only one there eligible for the fancy link, but there we are.

Edit: The Twitter people have fixed their shit, follow TLB @


I have none really. We’ve been working on getting the house back on the grid for the last month and, at every turn, been shot down. We’re regrouping and planning out our next move, which we will make this week. After that, it’s up to the inspector, again.

That said, Bunny is now taking a health break, and I hope she’ll get well soon.

So much work to be done when we get back up and running here. It’s like the world’s least relaxing vacation sometimes.

Lastly, in case you missed the videos, I’ve had to push back the release of the playable build of the RPG, that still has no name despite many brainstorming sessions, to sometime, I’m not laying down a set date or projection, until we’re up and running again.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated, this shit be expensive yo.