Holy shit, more news.

The Paradox Project is the name of a thing. Other things are being worked on, as I type this. Site looks are a changing.

All that bullshit said, here’s some tangible news: something is coming on Monday, and more news will follow.

Also, keep an eye on this space for things involving Youtube and streaming.

More news?

Yes, more news announcing another game, but this one will likely be done long before the others get started. This will be a traditional (maybe) RPG with an atypical story. No title yet, but there will be more news to come.

There will also be more news to come on the untitled other projects as soon as there is any.

The Shop!

The Shop is active and I’m announcing that we’re (That’s also an announcement, there’s more than just me now.) working on not just one, but two games set in a shared multiverse.

One will be a Visual Novel with Steampunk themes, the other will be a narrative horror project with a slight twist or two.

Expect at least one playable alpha by fall.