You may have noticed the Patreon link, this one: in the sidebar. I’ll do a real fast rundown on this one, basically, we need support, M:TC has been mostly fan sustained since the start, so I figure it fits, plus supporters will get extra content early. That said, nothing will get paywalled off, any content posted there will come to this main site after a time, I’m thinking a week feels good, but I am kind of derp when it comes to the passage of time, so I may need a grace day or three.

That said, there’s already some content posted and more to come. Also the next Mayhem Mini Cast (That’s what I’m calling them.) will be uploaded tonight, I’ll post that straight here this time because of the delay in uploading it, next one will be up on Patreon first, then migrate here.

363 – Notes

The writer’s block was strong this week, thanks to a sick kitty, and me worrying with the force of a thousand suns, Bunny (formerly credited as Amber) knocked out an old school style strip and left it to me to violate it with my words. That said, the first (second really) Mayhem: Mini-Cast may or may not be recorded today, depending on the severity of my migraine.


Also, fuck Tim Schafer.

362 Notes

I worded all over this one, one of the fun things about having an actual artist on the project is visual gags galore, but I still need to brain out my words.

This one is really about, and poking fun at, those people who paywall off all their content on a Patreon account like it’s their own, personal paysite. No content here will ever be walled off like that, although I’m not making any promises about early access to extra content like concepts, Amber’s bonus doodles, or whatever else, but I will say that once the Patreon is up and running, any content there will only be early access, all content will be released on the main site and/or supplemental sites.

Last note: I am going to be running my mouth again sometime this week, hopefully I’ll have company this time and it will be uploaded to the tubes of you when it’s done, look for that by this weekend.

Why we’re here and news.

Due to changes to Blogger site’s terms of service, will be redirecting to a new site soon, There’s already some content up and with luck this will be a temporary move, with another to full hosting once again in the near future. As you may know, I have a history with issues regarding censorship of adult content, regardless of if the comic and editorial content here counts as “adult” content, I’m simply not a fan.

An aside to this, I’d like to do another audio recording soon-ish, I’d actually like to get one done once a week if at all possible to go with the comic and other things, I have a long list of projects I’d like to get into and have done, but I’ll talk more on these things soon.