News 9/14/18

If you’d rather have your articles in video form, here you go:


Channel News –

In channel news, there’s a been a bit of a content drought this past week, mostly due to my sleep troubles taking my sleep rotation into the worst possible territory and me not sleeping at all. I have had some streams of Paladins with the Nut Wings crew, that will not be continuing due to massive asshollery on the part of one of the members. See if you can guess who in the coming weeks of Stream content.

Anyway, aside from that, Stardew Experiments streams will be resuming shortly, along with some episodic Stardew Valley content, I figure Stardew Experiments can be a running, short-form program on the channel, look for that starting in late October or early November.

Final Fantasy XI guide content will be continuing with a guide for San d’Oria Missions 1-2, and 1-3 in the coming weeks. As well as Final Fantasy XIV guides, soon to follow. In those I’ll be covering class quests, job quests, crafting and gathering quests, as well as guides on leveling crafting and gathering jobs.

And the big one, Skyrim Season 3, in which Fish will be delving into the storied and famed Companions Guild, as well as eating an owl or two. This will be coming; to be announced, but it will be in a heavily modded version of the game, so expect some surprises.

Site News –

As far as the main site goes, we’re still on free hosting and using tin cans for communication. Bunny is still recovering from her issues, and I’m still recovering from all the shit what went down here with the house, power, and whatnot, so the comic is still delayed. I’ll post an update when I have news about when it’ll be resuming.

Relevant Gaming News –

In Final Fantasy XI news, there’s a lot here to get through, so hold onto your butts. The September version update went live on the 12th, adding in the ability to receive duplicate equipment from Trial by Fire / Trial by Earth / Trial by Water / Trial by Wind / Trial by Ice / Trial by Lightning / The Moonlit Path / Waking Dreams / Divine Interference / Unwavering Resolve / A Stygian Pact / The Dawn Also Rises. Probably for those of us who’ve tossed our old gear. Some changes to Dynamis-Divergence that make my brain smoke a little as I try to read them, but new rewards items have been added. Ambuscade has rotated rewards and to big assed scorpions to fight. New rewards were added to Omen, and weapon/armor upgrade items now drop from Wanted Campaign battles.

God gods there’s more, you can upgrade Relic/Mythic/Ergon/Empyrean/and Aeonic weapons further with those Dynamis-D gubbins I mentioned making my brain work not so good above. And lastly, auto-translate has added some new things, for us to abuse terribly. Excitement, inside, Mithra, legs.

Even more! From the end of last month to the end of September, you can get the Shadow Lord’s sword, Lament, as a drop from any of the Shadow Lord battlefields, better chances from the higher level ones. It’s poop, but looks cool.

Also, Blazing Buffaloes makes a return, if anyone cares about the older event content. The new Login campaign offers an Iroha Statue among the usual rewards.

And, the mineral Madness Campaign runs from the 11th to 30th, Offering: Increased seal drops. Extra Mweya Plasm from Delve, along with increased drop rates for Airlixirs. A Wildskeeper Reive thinger, better drops for Plasm, Mog Kupons for Reive gear, and reduced re-spawn timers. Trusts will get a boost to their HP/MP pool, 50% to be exact, with better resistances. Unity Wanted fights drop double coffers. And high tier battlefields will drop better stuff, more often, you can also get job cards from Macrocosmic Orb battlefields as well.


Jebus, it’s not over yet, now come Final Fantasy XIV stuff. Patch 4.4 drops on the 18th. That’ll require it’s own video. The fan kit with some, wallpapers was released on the 10th, there’s also a twitter banner in there, meh. Link –

The Final Fantasy XIV Companion smart phone app now is a thing, with a premium feature. You can chat with people, offline, wow. Access and sell or discard items in your inventory. You can do retainer things and market things for an In-app Currency all for free. Premium offers the ability to mess with retainer inventory and Chocobo saddle bags, double the login currency rewards, and you can hold 10 currency, instead of the base 2. In game you get an extra retainer and double the saddle bag space., all for just 5$ for 30 days. Link –

New stuff in the Mog Station and the 5th anniversary thingers continue. Links –

Paladins is doing a double daily login bonus thing right now to make up for some issues they had when switching the login progress reset from 28 days to 14, they’ve also added a new chest and some new skins/extra gubs inside of them. Link –

And lastly Stardew Valley news, there is none. Switch version multiplayer update is still, coming soon.

Other –

And that’s all for this, look forward to some more of these coming in the future, along with another kind of video/article. Evil laughter, see you in the next one.